TE6245 4 rear sensor unit with Visual Display

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Power requirement DC 10V - 25V
Max current consumption 200mA
Operating Temperature -30oC - 70oC
Storage Temperature -40oC - 80oC
Operating Humidity up to 95%
Detection Distance up to170cm
Transmitting Frequency 40KHz
System Response Time 0.12 sec

Sensors available in black and silver.

The visual display, which is 10cm (W) x 2cm (H) x 3.5cm (D) illuminates on the left or right to show the location of an obstacle. The lights on the display move to the centre of the display when the obstacle is nearer. The visual display includes an audio alarm which beeps with increasing frequency as the vehicle nears an obstacle. The audio alarm is constant at 30cm from the obstacle.

The visual display is usually mounted above the vehicle's rear window.

The unit comes with an optional "blanking" function to ensure rear spare tyres or tow bars etc on the vehicle are not detected.


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