ThirdEye Auto parking sensors can help prevent tragic driveway accidents

Parking sensors warn of obstacles you are approaching that you can't see - especially useful for cars, SUVs, people movers, utes and vans which have limited rear vision

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Driveway accidents have been identified as a leading cause of death and injury among young children in New Zealand. Ann Weaver, director of Starship Hospital's child injury prevention service, Safekids, said from September 2004 to May 2005 six children had died as a result of such incidents. (NZ Herald web site 12 August 2005).

From January 1998 to October 2001 six children died in residential driveways in New Zealand and 76 were injured (NZ Medical Association, 23 August 2002).

A Queensland survey in 2003 found that being run over in their home driveways was the third most common cause of injury-related death for preschoolers.

In almost half the cases in the survey the cars involved were four-wheel-drive vehicles, usually driven by a relation or family friend.

Warning: the use of vehicle parking sensors must not be a substitute for careful driving when reversing

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